Litter Registrations

DWNA will be issuing all future Wachtelhund litters with the VDW. Click here to access the necessary forms contained in our about page.

Some might wonder why we want to register our DWNA Wachtelhunds with the VDW.  First and formost, it is to maintain breed quality.  This year, we will be proving our Wachtelhunds prior to breeding just like they do in Germany, by conducting hunt tests.  All Wachtelhund pups will be inspected and tattooed by a DWNA or JGHV breed warden prior to being sold.  Faults such as eyes, teeth, feet, testicles and skin condition will be noted and reported to the DWNA and VDW.  This will eliminate puppy mill breeders.

The process begins with the VDW Kennel Registration Form.  Wachtelhund owners should register your kennel according to DWNA Breeding Book Regulation, 3. Kennel Name Registration.

Breeders will complete the VDW Deckschein form prior to actual breeding and forwarded to DWNA Breed Warden according to DWNA Breeding Book , paragraph 5.1; DWNA Breeding Book, Sequence of Breeding.  This allows the DWNA Breed Warden to insure there is enough line separation between the breeding pair, due to our small Wachtelhund population.  The DWNA Breed Warden will use our DWNA data Base which provides coefficients of inbreeding (COI), if it the breeding pair is to closely related the DWNA will provide another recommended stud.  The final decision for breeding still remains with the breeder.

The DWNA Breed Warden will provide to breeder a Litter Announcement Form. This is completed by breeder upon birth and returned to Breed Warden. DWNA Breeding Book , Paragragh 5.2.; DWNA Breeding Book, Sequence of Breeding.

The DWNA Breed Warden will then provide to breeder a Litter Inspection Form. The breeder will this form for the litter inspection and tattooing ears with DWNA registration numbers.  It is completed by a breed warden and returned to DWNA Breed Warden. DWNA Breeding Book, Paragragh 5.2.1.; DWNA Breeding Book, Sequence of Breeding.

The DWNA Breed Warden will then provide to breeder a Pre-Litter Registration Request . This is completed by the breeder and returned to DWNA Breed Warden with Buyer information.  DWNA Breeding Book, Paragragh 5.2.2.; DWNA Breeding Book, Sequence of Breeding.

The breeder will then receive a Litter Registration Form and individual registrations.  DWNA Breeding Book , Paragragh 5.2.3.; DWNA Breeding Book, Sequence of Breeding.

VDW Wachtelhund registration numbers are normally a five digit number.  The first two are the year and the last three are the number of pups born that year.  Example, first pup born in 2007 would be registered as 07-000.  DWNA Wachtelhunds born in North America, will use a six digit registration number e.g. 07-1000.  This allows them to identify Wachtelhund born in North America and incorporate older UKC registered Wachtelhunds into the DWNA Breed Book.

When the pups are born you have to register the litter.  You have to identify the number of pups born, live and dead by sex; color and pattern – schimmel, heltiger, scheck (spotted).  You have to provide the litter letter and names, as well as the number of litters your kennel has had, to make sure you are naming them correctly.

This seems like a lot of paperwork, and it is, but it will maintain breed quality and keep puppy mill breeders out of our Wachtelhunds.

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