About DWNA

This is the Official Deutsche Wachtelhund North America, Inc (DWNA) Club Site.  The DWNA Club was formed under VDW authority and incorporated in November, 2007.  This action was supported by the JGHV. We started taking memberships in January 2008.

The DWNA is dedicated to the testing and quality breeding of Wachtelhunds in North America.  We provide Wachtelhund descriptions, breed standards and testing requirements.

We provide a Deutscher Wachtelhund Forum for owners and interested individuals to discuss Wachtelhund breeding, training and other related issues.  We are also a Deutscher Wachtelhund Rescue group.

DWNA Wachtelhunds are bred to strict German standards.

The Board

Following is the current DWNA Board.  Please feel free to contact them with any questions you may have.

Chairman: Jim Cowgill, 13421 W Sunnyvale Rd., Nine Mile Falls, WA  99026;  Ph: 509-465-0871

Vice Chairman:

Secretary: John Gliva, 3540 Tanglewood Place, Anchorage, AK 99517

Treasurer: Dave Black, 6752 Wentzal Shore Rd., Winneconne, WI 54986

Breed Warden: Dave Pepe , 160 Max Rd, Pelican Lake, WI  56643;  Ph: 715-487-4024

Test Warden: 

Breed Book Keeper: Dave Pepe , 160 Max Rd, Pelican Lake, WI  56643;  Ph: 715-487-4024

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