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This is the Official Deutsche Wachtelhund North America, Inc (DWNA) Club Site.  The DWNA Club was formed under VDW authority and incorporated in November, 2007.  This action was supported by the JGHV. We started taking memberships in January 2008. The DWNA is dedicated to the testing and quality breeding of Wachtelhunds in North America.  We provide Wachtelhund descriptions, breed standards and testing requirements. We provide a Deutscher Wachtelhund Forum for owners and interested individuals … [Read More...]

About the Wachtelhund

The Wachtelhund is a medium sized gundog, thick boned, muscular, with long thick wavy hair. Wachtelhund history dates back to the 1700's.  It is a versatile breed only owned by hunters, gamekeepers and professional hunters in Germany.  It has vibrant and friendly personality, but is an obsessive scentfollower with bloodhound like persistence.  The Wachtelhund is easily trained to hunt all type of game (feathered and fur). It is a great retriever for dense undergrowth and makes an excellent … [Read More...]

Registration Information

The DWNA will be issuing all future Wachtelhund litters with the VDW.  The necessary forms are contained in our Deutscher Wachtelhund Forum, DWNA Application Forms Chat section, or on the Important Documents page. Some might wonder why we want to register our DWNA Wachtelhunds with the VDW.  First and formost, it is to maintain breed quality.  This year, we will be proving our Wachtelhunds prior to breeding just like they do in Germany, by conducting hunt tests.  All Wachtelhund pups will be inspected and tattooed by a DWNA or JGHV breed … [Read More...]

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